40 Mini Challenges to keep you energised this winter

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This mini home workout challenge will keep you moving through winter. It’s literally just 40 bite-size sweat challenges every day, for 40 days. You can do that, right?
But why are we asking you to in the first place? Well it’s tradition, you see!
Every winter at our BUF group training sessions in Newcastle, Lake Mac + Maitland, a we run a 40-day challenge – entries are open NOW! What on earth is this? You will receive a cute little stamp book and each time you train you’ll get a stamp. There are several ways to get more points, including not hitting snooze on weekends, showing up in the rain, and you’ll start 7 stamps ahead if you get a friend to join the challenge. The goal of the challenge is to be as consistent with your training as possible for 40 days throughout winter, with the winner taking home a kick-ass prize pool.

But if you can’t join us live, this year you can have a little fun following along at home.

Your Home Challenge


Below is a list of 40 small challenges – simply print them off, stick them on your fridge and do each day’s hit as it comes up. This may not be a life-changing exercise program but it could be that little nudge you need to keep moving over winter and who knows, might even inspire you to really step up your winter game!


To get involved, just do this:


Choose a start date (we start on June 13th)
On day one, do the first challenge on the list
Every day after that, do the next and the next

Don’t know what a few of the exercises are? No worries, they’re all standard moves, so just pop them into Google for a how-to.

Have fun and show us that you’re sticking to the plan by following us on Instagram or Facebook @bufnewcastle @buflakemac @bufmaitland and #bufgirl #40daysBUF

1. 100 Squats
2. 10 Push-Ups x 10 sets throughout the day (TV ad breaks have never looked so energising)
3. 10 Lunge Jumps + 10 second rest x 8 sets
4. 10 High Knees + 10 Mountain Climbers x 10 sets
5. Tabata Burpees! Do 20 seconds of Burpees followed by a 10 second rest for 4 minutes in total!
6. 100 Bicycle Crunches
7. 10 Star Jumps whenever your phone rings 😉
8. 20 seconds of Squat Jumps + 20 seconds rest x 6 sets
9. 10 seconds High Knees + 10 seconds rest for 3 minutes
10. 100 Body Weight Plank Rows
11. 45 seconds of Walking Lunges + 15 seconds rest x 4 sets
12. 2 Burpees every time you send a text 😉
13. Tabata Plank Hold! Plank for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest for 4 minutes in total!
14. 100 Crunches
15. 30 Tricep Dips
16. 10 seconds of Star Jumps + 10 seconds rest for 2 minutes
17. 40 1-Leg Hip Raises each side (elevate your foot to make it harder)
18. 60 seconds of Squats + 60 second Plank Hold x 2 sets
19. 5 Tuck Jumps x 5 sets throughout the day
20. 100 Superman Rows
21. Reverse Lunge around your house when you need to get up
22. Tabata Bicycle Crunches! Do 20 seconds of Bicycle Crunches followed by 10 seconds rest for 4 minutes in total!
23. 80 Squat to Kick
24. 20 Lateral Lunges x 6 sets throughout the day
25. 50 Lateral Skaters
26. 20 seconds Reverse Lunge to Hop (left side) + 20 seconds (on right) + 20 seconds rest x 4 sets
27. 60 Russian Twists x 4 sets throughout the day
28. 20 Burpee Star Jumps at sunrise and sunset
29. 100 High Knees + 50 Mountain Climbers x 3 sets
30. 10 Squats + 10 Squat Jumps x 6 sets
31. 10 Burpees + 30 seconds rest x 4 sets
32. 100 Star Jumps
33. 20 Full Sit Ups + 40 Jump Lunges x 2 sets
34. 80 High Knees + 8 Lateral Skaters x 4 sets
35. 40 seconds Reverse Lunges + 20 seconds Jump Lunges x 3 sets
36. 50 Hip Raises + 50 Star Jumps
37. 50 Push-Ups
38. 30 seconds Bicycle Crunches + 30 second Plank Hold x 3 sets
39. 10 Star Jumps whenever you look at the time
40. 40 reps of your 4 favourite exercises!

Live in Newcastle, Lake Mac or Maitland and want to get involved with our 40-Day challenge live? Click here!

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