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The 5-Min ‘Scream & Shout’ Workout

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Need a 5-minute workout that will get your heart rate UP while bringing stress levels DOWN? Open your Apple Music or Spotify account, search for the song, Scream & Shout by and Britney Spears, hit PLAY and do this…

How to use this workout

Use a skipping rope or just bounce on the spot, or dance around the room if you prefer 😉 and when you come to a chorus, throw the rope aside and every time you hear one of these words (below), do the corresponding exercise before going back to those skips/bounces, or your boogie.

  • CLUB = 2 x Lunge Jumps
  • US or UP = 2 Shadow Box Punches
  • SCREAM = Starjump
  • SHOUT = Burpee

This seems easy, but it gets pretty hard!

Consider this your warm-up for our Australia-wide 2017 enterTRAINment tour with the Hit Network, kicking off this weekend, November 11th in Melbourne (doors open 8am for a 9am start!).

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