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5 Unexpected Food Facts

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Check out these fun, healthy food facts for tips on how to reduce bloating, support gut health, ace your protein requirements, cure hangovers and burn fat with zero effort.

Did you know…

Can reduce the bloating caused by water retention, so they make the perfect mid-afternoon, happy tummy snack.

Asparagus, cold white potato and artichokes…
Are sources of PRE-biotics, which feed the good bugs in your gut. This is important because no matter how many probiotics (good bugs) you put in, they won’t stay alive with nothing to munch on.

Hemp seeds, quinoa, buckwheat, and the combinations of spirulina and nuts, or beans and rice…
Are complete vegan proteins. This means they contain the full spectrum of amino acids, just like animal products.

Are one of the best foods ever for ditching your hangover. Why? Because when you drink alcohol, your liver breaks down the ethanol into something called acetaldehyde (a possible carcinogen, yikes!) and when there’s an excess of that in your system, it causes a lot of those ‘delightful’ hangover symptoms – but a substance called cysteine can help break the acetaldehyde down, and it’s found in abundance in eggs! Want extra points? Add coriander to your eggs to support liver function.

Green tea…
Is one of our favourite powerhouse beverages and has dual benefit, helping your body’s natural detoxification process, while simultaneously encouraging your body to burn fat, even while you rest!

We hope these fun facts help you kick your fresh February into gear!

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