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What is BUF Bayswater?

BUF Bayswater is part of Australia's most popular group training community, just for women. We're super passionate about helping woman of all ages fall in love with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves on designing and delivering fun high energy workouts with plenty of variety. We have small class sizes to ensure you get greater individual attention. We love getting active outdoors in the fresh air but also utilise an indoor training space.

At BUF Bayswater we offer classes with childminders for our BUF Mums! These sessions are designed to give you a great workout with a beautiful, supportive community of like-minded Mums in a non-intimidating environment. Whats even better, we have childminders to watch your little ones while you do it. So we can make sure we have enough childminders, you need to book into our childminding service separately. Childminding is not required if you're not bringing your little one(s)! See our FAQ for more info.

Your Girl Squad

I recently had a baby and was trying to find a class that gave me a good sweaty workout and had childminding services. I am so happy that I found BUF Girls Bayswater. I attend the 9am classes with babysitters, held 3 times a week. My baby is close by and well looked after so I can focus solely on ...

Prudence -

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Where do we train?


We meet at the Bayswater Football Club which is the building located next to the children’s playground. Plenty of free parking on Coode Street and Drake Street.


In the case of inclement weather we train inside the Bayswater Football Clubrooms which is the building located next to the children’s playground at Upper Hillcrest Reserve. There are entrances on both sides of the building. Plenty of free parking on Coode Street and Drake Street.

What kind of training do we do?


    45mins of full body toning exercises and moderate intensity cardio. This class incorporates yoga and pilates inspired movements, low-moderate intensity cardio plus resistant band and light weight toning exercises. It is designed to nicely compliment our weekly high intensity training efforts and leave you feeling beautiful.


    30 min of moderate to high intensity Bring out your inner cardio queen with this half-hour sweat session designed to make you feel totally unstoppable! We’ll keep your heart rate up and bring the beats, you’ll increase your cardio fitness and lean out your bod, all while having a whole lot of fun!


    45 min of strength training with a burst of cardio to finish. This workout involves two of our faves! A weights circuit of compound and functional movement patterns to strengthen and shape a beautiful, feminine body + a burst of cardio to finish on a endorphin fuelled high! Be Fearless and build your inner strength (and a few muscles too!).


    45min of cardio and strength exercises to help kickstart your weekend! Our SaturYAY Circuits are full-body, fat-blasting sessions that blend cardio, plyometrics, free weights and interval training with a serious dose of fun! We shake up the moves and structure each fortnight to keep your body guessing and make sure the results keep coming.


    45min full body toning sessions are designed around giving you all the best BUF Girl feels! Section #1 gets you feeling (B)eautiful with a strength and toning circuit. Section #2 gets you feeling (U)nstoppable with a high intensity cardio and plyo bodyweight circuit. Section #3 gets you feeling (F)earless with a goal-based challenge that is either strength, cardio or even core focused.


    One of the funnest ways to get your cardio fix while toning the upper body and core these sessions involve mod-high intensity boxing combos, cardio intervals and high rep light weight toning exercises. Three of our weekly boxing sessions are mixed gender (hellloooo date night!). Our boxing sessions are a great all-rounder workout that has a strong focus on teaching correct boxing technique in a fun and friendly environment.



Casual classes are valid for 2 months. Get started with our intro offer of $22 for your first 2 weeks.

1 Class
$25 per class
5 Classes
$17 per class
8 Classes
$15 per class
12 Classes
$12 per class


Our monthly membership offers the best value. Your auto payment can be cancelled at any time with 7 days notice.

MEMBER (Unlimited)
$10.63 per class
*assumes 4 classes
$9.15 per class
*assumes 3 classes


1 Class
$12 per class

* Childminding is essential for BUF Mums classes if you're bringing your child. (One pass per 2 siblings)


5 Pack
$9 per class
8 Pack
$8.50 per class
12 Pack
$8 per class

How to get started

All you need to do is book your first session via our timetable. When you pay, choose our INTRO OFFER which gives you unlimited access to any class in your first 14 days for just $22! First-time customers only.


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