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Completely transform your body, health and wellbeing in 6 weeks!

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We have some pretty exciting news girls! After listening intently to all your feedback and love-to-haves, we’ve spent the last number of months creating our best ever, all new online fitness and nutrition program, just for you.

Our focus at BUF Girls has always been to create incredible fitness and nutrition experiences that will rock your world and make life that little bit easier, happier, and of course more fun, and we are pretty excited to have you try this one!

Gone is our beloved BUF Body program, and IN is the completely transformed and transformative, 6-week Totally BUF experience.

We created this program to be more interactive, simpler to follow and with more fun recipes and video content than ever before.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Completely updated nutrition education
  • More in-depth mindset guidance to help get your head in the game
  • Brand new workouts to help you feel Beautiful, Unstoppable, Fearless
  • Animated demonstrations of every single exercise within the workout
  • Full-length video workouts with the entire BUF Girls team every Thursday (yep, we will literally be getting sweaty with you, move-for-move!)
  • Bonus 5-minute warm up and do-anytime Butt & Core video workouts
  • Girl Talk sessions on the couch with us every Monday, where we discuss the week’s nutrition topic live on video – just hit play!
  • All new recipes & food photography from the glossy pages of our book of the same name (on sale November 28!)
  • The same committed, supportive online community, with more trainer presence via live online community chats and Q&As

Whether you’re all new to our community, or have tried BUF Body in the past, the new online experience will be very different, so we’d love to see you online and help you feel like the very best version of yourself just in time for an incredible, fit, energetic summer!

No judgement, no crazy diets, no calorie counting (seriously who wants to do maths at every meal!), no starving yourself, just simple tweaks and swaps that make all the difference to the way you look and feel. Best of all they’re things you can stick to for life, not just for a few months. That’s where long-term change comes from so ditch the yo-yo and come hang out with the rest of the BUF Girls for loads of love and support along the way.

The very first group round of Totally BUF kicks off on Monday, November 6th – you can check it all out and sign up here. If you’ve done BUF Body already you get 50% off! Simply sign in to your account and purchase from your dashboard.


Spread the word and let’s gather the best girl squad ever!

Love from Libby & the BUF Girls xxoo

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