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Our secrets to staying healthy all winter!

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With just one more month of winter to go, we’re planning to come home strong and hit spring feeling super fit and healthy! Winter colds and flu can definitely be prevented, or the duration shortened, even if you’re training in the great outdoors on frosty mornings. In fact, those dark dawn sessions can really help build up your defences.

Check out our favourite winter warrior tips to stay as flu-free as possible for the rest of winter, and be prepared for an incredible spring!


“I focus on optimising nutrition and also use *Betadine Sore Throat Gargle to treat my sore throat”

  1. It’s tempting to reach for ‘comfort foods’ in winter but I always remind myself that this is the season my body needs its vitamin and mineral stores optimised to to fight off germs! I try and include veggies or fruit in every meal and snack (yep, even breakfast) and cut down on refined sugar, packaged and fried foods, all of which can negatively affect the immune system.
  2. My secret ‘winter weapon’ is *Betadine Sore Throat Gargle! It’s a really effective treatment for any sore throat that threatens to put my training off. It’s Q&E (quick and easy) – I just gargle and go!


“I make sure I don’t push my body too hard by over-training and putting myself into fatigue. I love focusing on longer warm-ups and cool downs, and include lower intensity training and plenty of recovery work in winter”

  1. A few years ago I kept pushing hard and got really sick in winter, so now I make sure I take care of my body when the temperature drops and alternate hard training days with recovery walks and yoga or pilates sessions.
  2. Longer warm-ups and cool downs make sure your body has time to warm up properly and avoid injury, and cooling down slowly means your core temperature doesn’t drop too quickly and invite those germs in.


“Wash your hands straight after training, avoid touching your mouth and nose during your workout and stay hydrated!”

  1. You never know who might be coming down with something, so after a workout where you’re touching lots of different pieces of equipment, or working closely with others, wash your hands straight away to avoid spreading germs. It’s also a pretty good idea not to touch your mouth and nose during your winter workouts.
  2. Bet you didn’t know that water helps with the transportation of white blood cells and other helpful resources that defend your body from bugs? Often people forget to drink up in winter, but it’s so important you do!


“Train outdoors and make sure you get the right gear to make it work!”

  1. Working out in the fresh air helps to build your army of antioxidants, keep your system flooded with nutrients and improves Vitamin D levels, all while boosting your happiness levels. All these things help to fight off bugs – yep, even your good mood has positive immune-boosting effects!
  2. I always make sure I have a good quality puffer jacket ready for winter workouts – they are totally priceless in winter and really protect your chest and back. Gloves, a beanie and a pair of thick tights complete the wish list.


*Remember to always read the label and use only as directed. If your symptoms continue then make sure to see your health care professional.

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