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Weight-loss goals: how to set yourself up for success!

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Weight-loss is one of the most common resolutions women make when entering a new year, putting tonnes of pressure on themselves to lose that ‘Christmas weight’… and fast! We’ve previously discussed the reasons why diets don’t work and highlighted how body positivity can improve overall health so it’s time for another “On The Couch” chat with our favourite weight management psychologist, and my fellow coach from Channel Ten’s The Biggest Loser: Transformed, Glenn Mackintosh. This week, Glenn and I have an inspiring talk all about goal-setting for weight-loss success!

While goal setting is a wonderful way to boost motivation, it comes with a whole host of potential pitfalls, so we wanted to help you sidestep any sabotage and set yourself up with the foundations for success, to reach your weight-loss goals in the year to come.

In this refreshing 20-minute interview Glenn and I discuss:

  • Weight-loss goals being the most set (and failed) New Year’s Resolution.
  • Using “Whole Person Goals” to become more holistic.
  • A quick meditation to clarify your weight-loss goals (follow along with us!)
  • How I pulled myself out of “scales sabotage”.
  • Turning holistic goals from “airy-fairy” to “solid-as-a-rock”.
  • Glenn and I set a Whole Person goal for fitness in real time.
  • How to break big goals into bite-size milestones.
  • The perfect time frame for health and wellness goals (hint, it’s not 12 weeks!)
  • How long it takes to create eating and physical activity habits (hint: it’s not 21 days!)
  • The important – but often overlooked – tool for following through with goals.
  • Glenn and I set a SMART goal for my return to work in real time.
  • The folly of setting short-term goals that undermine long-term success.
  • My philosophy of a “healthy life culture”.
  • The Never-ending Story and Falcor the Luck Dragon (you’ll have to watch)!
  • Glenn’s deep belief that EVERYONE can do this process.
  • How The Biggest Loser: Transformed contestants benefitted from focusing on their values.
  • Unlocking powerful internal motivators you already have inside you.

If you loved this chat and want to learn more about how to really nail your goals this year, there’s no better person to guide you than Glenn. You can check out his programs Foundations For Success and TMT online and of course, if you need some fun workouts and simple nutrition guidance to help you along, our 6-week program Totally BUF can be completed online or in person, here in Bondi, with two of our top trainers to guide your journey. Or, if you just fancy a fun fitness class with mood boosting moves and friendly faces then come along to our Bondi Studio for a sweat sesh!

For 10% off any of Glenn’s online programs, use the codes ‘bufgirls’ or ‘bufgirlspp’ (for the payment plan option).

Now go slay those goals girls! ?

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