Sample workouts from each of our programs, get an introduction to our nutrition philosophy and try some healthy recipes!

  • Easy tweaks to your food that will make all the difference to your body and energy.

  • Fun, themed, no equipment, do anywhere workouts you will absolutely love.

  • Education that will transform the way you think about food and fitness forever.

  • Delicious recipes that make it easy to enjoy the healthy stuff without an iron discipline.

  • Community support to keep you strong and motivated if the going gets tough.

  • Above all, learn to love a healthy, active lifestyle without any pressure or stress.

Meet Your Coaches

Seven days of workouts, recipes and education

For all the girls who are a little nervous to dive into a full program, or are not sure which one to tackle first! Take the first steps with us. You got this.

Libby Babet, Founder of BUF Girls

“BUF 101 is a great place to get your first taste of life as a BUF Girl. We want you walking away inspired, starting to feel some results and feeling more energetic. If you think this can help others start loving their health and fitness a little more, please share it with your girlfriends!"

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