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Are you eating the right Yoghurt?

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Welcome to our new “Sneaky Nutrition” series! In this series we’ll help solve some of your biggest nutrition dilemmas, in an accessible way that will help you get on top of your health. Today, we’re looking at the healthiest and also the least healthy options in the yoghurt selection at Coles.

For the record, our fave health-boosting yoghurts of all time are found outside the big supermarket chains, but in this video, we wanted to provide you with information about those you can find any-old-where.

For those of you lucky enough to have access to boutique health stores that stock the really good stuff, all-time healthy faves are:

  1. Meredith Sheep or Goat’s yoghurt (low sugar, high protein, easy to digest, no added nasties)
  2. CoYo Coconut Yoghurt (low sugar, no dairy at all, good healthy fats)
  3. Barambah Organics All Natural European Style (dairy but organic and very pure, with high levels of good bacteria)

But never fear, we’ve found some pretty awesome options in the Coles fridge too!

To summarise a few of the points in the video, key things you want to look for in a good quality yoghurt are:

  1. Full fat varieties (we’ll tell you why in the video)
  2. Less than 5g of sugar per 100g
  3. Only 3-4 ingredients on the list (milk, milk solids, live cultures… and perhaps a little fruit)

Watch the video for the low-down on the rest!

Let us know what you think 😉

Libs & the BUF crew xx

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Girl Talk

  • Aileen 16 Jan 2014

    Awesome advice & video… im always standing in coles reading back of yoghurt tubs so this really helps!
    Can’t wait for the other up coming sneaky nutrition videos! 🙂

  • Sarah 16 Jan 2014

    Such a good article! I did however notice that you spelt “welcome” wrong at the beginning. I look forward to more of these videos in the future!

  • Sam 16 Jan 2014

    Super helpful post, thank you! Really looking forward to more of these vids 🙂

  • Catherine D'Arcy 16 Jan 2014

    That was great Libs and happy to say that’s what I’ve been saying so will make sure tony watches too!

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