Feel leaner, fitter, more toned, energised and empowered! This foundation program covers food education, simple recipe creation and daily do-anywhere workouts.

  • Easy tweaks and swaps to your food that will make all the difference to your body and energy.
  • Fun, themed, no equipment, do anywhere workouts you will absolutely love. Seriously.
  • Education that will transform the way you think about food and fitness forever.
  • Delicious recipes that make it easy to enjoy the healthy stuff without an iron discipline.
  • Love and support from our online community, including your coaches who'll answer all your burning questions.
  • Above all, learn to love a healthy, active lifestyle without any pressure or stress.

Meet Your Coaches

I loved the fact that it wasn’t a diet for six weeks, more a lifestyle change. I learned so much about nutrition that I now apply to my life day-to-day. The results were amazing, I lost 5cms from my waist, 5 cms from my hips as well as losing 5kgs in the six weeks. I’m now pretty good at maintaining ...

Rebecca L. -

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Daily workouts, recipes and education

Ever wondered what’s holding you back from achieving your best ever body? We’ve walked in your shoes, we get it. Don’t waste time figuring it all out by yourself, we’ll show you what to do to step by step.

Libby Babet, Founder of BUF Girls

“Our foundation program will empower you with all the knowledge and tools you need to not only achieve your best body ever, but to create healthy habits and associations that will keep you looking and feeling your best for the rest of your life.”

Here’s what you get

Daily workouts and a nude food guide designed just for girls, with content delivered to your inbox 6 out of every 7 days.


    Ever been in the supermarket looking at hundreds of options with no idea what’s healthy and what’s not? Is ‘diet’ a good option? Is fat free a good thing? Never fear, we’ll teach you all you need to know to make healthy choices for the rest of your life.


    The secret to health and fitness is consistency. That’s why we’ve got loads of workouts that are super easy to do at home, including guided videos and an exercise library. To make things even easier, you can access them on your mobile or download the pdf!

  • Tips & Tricks

    Did you know that people make nearly 20 times more daily decisions about food than they are aware of? Yep, it’s called Mindless Eating and we’ll be sharing all our best tips and tricks to help train your mind to combat challenges like these!


    This program is not about going without… in fact you’ll be eating extremely well! We’ll just be helping you make healthier choices with loads of easy, yummy recipes to try all week, every week. Access them on your mobile or download our pretty pdfs to keep in the kitchen!

  • Support Forum

    Every year the most popular part of the program is being part of our amazing community of girls. Join our private Facebook group where you can interact with your coaches to ask all your burning questions, as well as share your successes, meal plans and recipe finds with all the BUF Girls!

  • Goal Setting

    Ok, so you’ve made a commitment. Now you need some goals to keep you on track! We’ll guide you through this process including taking your measurements before and after. This is such an important part of the mental game, particularly when the going gets tough.

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