Targeted strength, plyometric and HIIT circuits designed to hone the female body shape, give your curves a lift and introduce you to a super simple way of eating that will help you lean up and feel fresh.

  • Simple nutrition strategy designed to effortlessly optimise your body shape.

  • Community and trainer support to keep you strong and motivated if the going gets tough.

  • The easiest healthy recipe guide ever – no more than 3-5 ingredients per meal.

  • Workouts designed specifically to both optimise female body shapes and keep you motivated, like Miami Muscles and the Bali Explorer.

  • Wanderlust filled workouts inspired by holiday destinations around the world.

  • Learn to love an active, healthy lifestyle without any pressure – just enjoy the ride.

Meet Your Coach

Before BUF Girls I was going to the gym once a week if i was lucky. I always blamed work and life for no time. BUF Look Good Naked got me exercising every day. The workouts are quick and easy to learn and the type of exercises I love without lots of equipment! The program changed the way I eat, the way I live, ...

Fiona Lamont - NSW, AUSTRALIA

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Daily workouts, a nude food guide and serious girl power

Fun, varied workouts to keep your mind on track and your body on point!


“Achieving your best body shape doesn’t have to be boring or hard. The secret is education, new ideas and a great community that makes you feel empowered and inspired, helping you to fall in love with fitness and a healthy lifestyle.”

Here’s what you get

Daily workouts and a nude food guide designed just for girls, with content delivered to your inbox 6 out of every 7 days.


    The secret to a body that looks and feels great naked is consistency. That’s why all our workouts are super easy to do at home, including an exercise library so you know you’re doing it right. To make things even easier, you can access them on your mobile or download the pdf!


    More than half of your results will come from what you eat. That’s why we include an incredibly simple nude food guide, complete with easy meal ideas to make sure you’re eating the right kind of nutrition to get the most out of all your hard work. You’ll also get a peek at your trainer’s day on a plate each week!


    One of the most popular aspects of all our programs is being part of our amazing community of women online. Join our private Facebook group where you can interact with your coach Libby to ask all your burning questions, as well as share your successes with all the BUF Girls doing this or other programs!

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