Libby’s Holiday Hot Workout

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When you’re away on holidays, the sun’s shining and you’re craving a workout but don’t have a gym nearby, it’s time to whip out a plyometric, legs and cardio workout to make sure you stay in tip-top form while you’re away from home, despite the holiday cocktails 😉

Try Libby’s holiday hot workout here… make sure you checkout our video to nail the technique for each move, and enjoy the Byron Bay scenery!

Complete each of these exercises, back-to-back for 30 seconds each, taking limited to no rest in between. Here’s the breakdown, in case you missed any in the video:

  1. 3 Mountain Climbers to 1 Kick
  2. 007 Lunge Jumps (right leg)
  3. 007 Lunge Jumps (left leg)
  4. Squat to Rotation
  5. Burpee to Star Jump, Burpee to Tuck Jump
  6. Broad Jump with Quick Back-Steps
  7. 6 High Knees to Sprawl
  8. Squat to Hop-and-Punch
  9. Shadow Boxing

Next, immediately complete one sprint – hills, stairs, flat, you choose!

All up, this should take you between 5-6 minutes, depending on the length of your sprint and the time it takes you to jog back to your start position.

Take a 2-minute rest, then repeat twice more for a 25-30 minute workout (including a little warm-up time).

Happy holidays/weekend/gym-free time!

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© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography
© Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography


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