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Bounce in to the long weekend with this 10-minute cardio workout!

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It’s time to literally spring in to Spring with this Unstoppable cardio workout! This one is set to boost that heart rate to give you a buzz that will have you bouncing through your day (and into the long weekend!)

Check out Sian and Cass on the video as they demo the moves, then set your timer to 10 minutes and work through the list! See if you can complete 2 rounds for even more of a challenge. If you feel like stepping it up a notch then double the time and aim for 4 rounds… the sweat will be real 😉

  • 120 Punches
  • 100 High Knee Runs
  • 80 Transverse Mountain Climbers
  • 60 Squat Jumps
  • 40 Athletic Skaters
  • 20 Star Jumps
  • 10 Burpee to Stand/Reach (no jump, reach really high overhead!)

Want to do more workouts with the BUF Girls? Then join us for our next intake of our online program Totally BUF, kicking off 8 October. It’s the best Spring reset you’ll ever get!

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