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What is BUF Girls?

BUF Balmoral is part of Australia's most popular group training community, just for women. Being a BUF Girl isn't about competition, body image or comparison, it's about friendship and community, healthy bodies and healthy minds, and inspiring, supporting and celebrating each other. We're on a mission to help you fall in love with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

Your Girl Squad

I really love BUF and am so grateful for everything you do! It’s so fun and I always look forward to it. Never before have I been able to be so consistent with exercise for a long period- I always wear my body out (running) or get bored (running and the gym). I really am looking and feeling my best ...


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Where do we train?


Balmoral Beach sessions are held on the sand, north side of the island, in front of the Rotunda. In wet weather we move under the trees next to the Bather's Pavilion.

What kind of group fitness do we do?


    Get your punch on with our fitness boosting boxing classes - one of the funnest ways to get your cardio fix while toning the upper body, defining your abs and boosting cardio fitness. There are different sessions focusing on technique, cardio conditioning and HIIT training - Boxing Tabata sessions are a favourite!


    Our circuits are full-body, fat-blasting sessions that blend cardio, plyometrics, free weights and interval training with a serious dose of fun. Each workout is themed, from Hollywood Hot Bods to Beyonce’s Booty Maker, and we shake up the moves and structure every week to keep your body guessing and the results coming.


    Join a beautiful, supportive community of like-minded Mums in a non-intimidating and seriously effective class to help you get your confidence back after having your baby. Tone up and slim down and get some quality you time while our friendly babysitters keep your little ones entertained. Find out more about our BUF Mums Classes.


    HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is an incredibly effective way to workout. You’ll work hard for short bursts of time, using a series of cardio and plyometric moves that will skyrocket heart rate, then recover your breath before going again. This kind of training fast-tracks fitness gains and blasts fat fast.


    BUF Signature sessions will leave you feeling Beautiful, Unstoppable and totally Fearless. Ass 'n' Abs is dedicated to tightening and toning your arms and bums in a cheeky 30 min. With Tough BUF, you'll knock out sets of 3 min of strength, 2 min of cardio and 1 min of plyometric to have you feeling oh so tough in 3,2,1 😉


    This is perfect for those who need a little extra attention to skyrocket fitness, work on technique, or hit a specific fitness or body goal. All our trainers are experienced, well educated and caring women who specialise in getting the most out of the female body. Find out more here.



Casual classes are valid for 3 months. Get started with our intro offer of $10 for your first week.

1 Class
$30 per class
5 Classes
$29 per class
10 Classes
$27.50 per class


Memberships are an auto weekly payment and can be cancelled at any time with 7 days notice.

2 Classes / week
$22 per class
3 Classes / week
$16.33 per class
$9.83 per class*
*assumes 6 classes

Interested in BUF Mums?

Check out our Balmoral BUF Mums Group Training page.

Interested in Personal Training?

Check out our Balmoral Personal Training page.

How to get started

All you need to do is book your first session via our timetable. When you pay, choose our INTRO OFFER which gives you your first 7 days for just $10! First-time customers only, valid for 7 days from date of purchase.


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