We're on a mission!

We're on a mission to help women around the world fall in love with fitness! If that sounds like a mission you believe in, we'd love to chat to you about joining the BUF Girls movement. Together, we might just make a dent in the universe!

About BUF Girls

BUF Girls was founded in 2010 by Libby Babet, trainer on Channel TEN's "The Biggest Loser: Transformed" and fitness expert for Women's Fitness Magazine. 

From humble beginnings (we had literally one person show up for our first bootcamp!) we've grown to hundreds of members at over 10 locations around Australia. We also have thousands of girls go through our online programs every year, and are partnered with the HIT Network to do live fitness events around the country! 


How it works

We are offering a strictly limited number of opportunities to license the BUF Girls brand when you start your own bootcamp business. Instead of starting from scratch and building a brand alone, you'll be able to supercharge your business by trading off our brand and leveraging the profile we've built over the years! 

Also, running your own business can be a lonely path, it's so much more fun doing it with the love and support of other female business owners and like-minded individuals! We don’t talk down to you like a formal franchise business system with reporting and marketing plans to adhere to. We are much more like a community of like-minded individuals passionate about what we do and willing to share in our journey and our learning. We'll give you a huge head-start with education in the BUF Girls training method, plus our community of supporters can provide you feedback on everything you'll need to be successful including how to register your business, the best systems you can use in your business, apps, great marketing ideas, pricing, workout plans and more. In return, we charge a small set-up and training fee, and an ongoing monthly licence fee. We encourage individuality and freedom to build your own business but do require that when you offer a BUF Girls training program you follow the training the module carefully to ensure consistency of delivery of the training.

​We love BUF because it is different to all other fitness brands and businesses. It focusses on the whole person and how to make them healthy and well, not just training hard and ignoring all else. The energy, inspiration and creativity that comes from the head BUF Girls is excellent, sitting alongside having some of your own freedom to bring ...

Shelley L. - BUF Newcastle

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What we're looking for

We’re all about community and culture; creating a warm, non-intimidating and fun environment for girls to workout in. We’re all heart and no ego. This means we're looking for people lovers with a strong service attitude. We're looking for "entertrainers" who love to perform in front of a crowd!

Other things we look for

  • Cert III/IV + Insurance
  • Bubbly, vivacious and energetic personality
  • Service orientated experience is great (e.g. hospitality, sales, etc)
  • Business experience is a real plus (particularly marketing or sales) but not a requirement
  • A desire to learn / a growth mentality
  • Commitment, because it's not all smooth sailing!

I'm keen, what's next?

Simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to organise a chat on the phone to run you through some of the finer details and costs, and to get a feel for what you're all about. If it sounds like a good fit for both of us we'll organise next steps from there!

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