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19 New Year resolutions you’ll actually want to keep

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The new year doesn’t have to mean an entirely ‘new you’, in fact we think it’s a pretty great time to celebrate exactly who you are already and what makes you so darn amazing! But that’s not to say it isn’t fun to dream, set goals and plan an epic, new year ahead. We’ll leave the big, hairy goals for you to come up with, but here are 19 (because, 2019!) fun, simple, healthy new year resolutions that are easy to tick off, will have a big impact on how you feel, or are just a good way to switch up your habits and supercharge your energy!

1. Focus on adding, not subtracting foods

It’s a much more positive action to add foods to every meal rather than subtract them! For example, focus on eating vegetables or fruit at every single meal and snack, or make a pledge to add protein to every plate, or make an agreement with yourself to eat the rainbow at every opportunity. If it’s an addition rather than a takeaway, it’s a positive action, not a punishment and you’re more likely to repeat it until it becomes a healthy habit!

2. Stretch while you watch TV

It feels good, and it’s good for you!

3. Create a go-to ‘stress reboot’ activity

We all want less stress in our lives, but we don’t plan HOW exactly we’re going to achieve that. One way to take a chill pill is to plan a specific action you’ll do whenever you’re feeling stressed out. It might be something like walking a lap of the block, doing 20 star jumps (who can be stressed when star jumping?), reading a chapter of a fiction novel, or texting a funny meme to a friend… something quick and fun that breaks the cycle!

4. Say no to at least one thing every week

One less thing to worry about every week, and one more stretch of downtime. Sounds good right! You can make it happen with a simple, “I can’t this time, sorry”.

5. Ever tried making a “to don’t” list?

They are so darn helpful and can help you avoid procrastinating! You might pop things like, “don’t check emails until 12pm” or, “don’t answer any calls between 2-4pm” or, “don’t open a single online shopping site today!”, or “don’t hit snooze”. Worth a try 😉

6. Go vegan for a day, once per week

You’ll find you get really creative with your meals and might actually enjoy it! Just don’t swap meat or dairy for more refined carbs, switch them for more fruit and veggies instead.

7. Calendarise your bedtime

It can be all too easy to accidentally miss the time you know you should be climbing into bed. Decide on how much sleep is ideal for you, then count backwards from your alarm time and pop bedtime (and perhaps even ‘get ready for bed’ time) in your calendar WITH a pop-up reminder. We challenge you to aim for 8 hours sleep, every night for one week to kick the new year off feeling refreshed!

8. Download a new fitness app for rainy/lazy days

Inevitably, there will be a day when you skip the gym, or a busy week at work where you’re traveling or busier than usual. Having a go-to fitness app ready with 15 or 30-minute workout options you can follow along with at home, no equipment required, can be a lifesaver on these days! Try Zova, DailyBurn, or Sweat with Kayla.

9. Clean out your cupboards

If it’s in there, you’ll eventually eat it! This is one of our favourite things to do in the new year… clean out all that packaged s**t, restock with the good stuff and pre-make some healthy snacks (hit up our blog, online program, or Totally BUF book for ideas!)

10. Read the nutritional labels of every food item you eat for an entire week

This can be such an eye-opener about what you’re putting into your body. Check the sugar column (remember 5g of sugar or less per 100g is a low sugar food), the ingredients (do you recognise everything as an actual food, or are there lots of chemicals in there?), the kind of fats that are present, the amount of protein… such a worthwhile thing to monitor! We love Chief Bar as they’re all 100% natural, made with REAL food and absolutely no nasties added, just take a look on the back of the pack… nothing to hide here!

11. Downsize your coffee

We know, we know, your morning coffee is sacred BUT could you downsize it a little from a large latte that contains loads of excess energy, milk sugars and caffeine, to a cute lil’ piccolo sipped slowly? You’ll cut out a few hundred calories, remove the lactose sugar hit and still score the friendly buzz.

12. While we’re at it, ditch the sugar or sweetener in your hot drinks

It might take a bit of tastebud readjustment, but it can make a huge difference.

13. Count 10 long, slow breaths when you feel the stress coming on

It’s a mini meditation for non-meditators and it works a treat! If you have an Apple Watch, it will even prompt you to do this regularly.

14. Floss every single night

This is so simple, but so many people skip the step! It’s not just about your teeth, flossing can help to reduce inflammation that can lead to lethargy and a slower metabolism. Plus, it’ll help you avoid fillings, so… do it!

15. Walk for 30 minutes, 3 times per week

Do this on top of whatever you’re already doing and you’ll see a huge difference in your body shape, energy and stress levels, we promise! If a half-hour is hard to find, split it into 15 minutes, 5-6 times per week. Your lunch hour never looked so active!

16. Drink green tea or matcha at least once per day

It fires up your metabolism and gives you lasting energy to power through your to-do list!

17. Use the one, two rule for alcohol

Have one or two drinks, once or twice per week, maximum.

18. Reconnect with an old friend

And we don’t mean via socials. Do it the old-fashioned, in-person way for allll the feel-good vibes. Even better, catch up over a workout 😉

19. When you’re cold or tired, don’t turn up the heat or order another coffee…

Do 10 push-ups, or 20 squats instead! It’s a sneaky workout bonus that fires up your brain and warms you up.

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