5 ways to burpee like a BUF Girl

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Love burpees as much as we do? Try these 5 new ways to spice up your burpee routine, with BUF Founder and new The Biggest Loser: Transformed trainer, Libby Babet.

Make sure you check our video to nail the technique, then choose one of these to add to your next workout, or make one giant Tabata set out of all of them by setting your timer for 20s work and 10s rest, then do a new variation every 20 seconds of work, repeating the full list 4 times through for an epic 10-minute burpee workout that will skyrocket your heart rate, and your results.

Keep building on those skills that make you feel Beautiful Unstoppable & Fearless ladies – and tag us if you post your moves online @bufgirls

Your #BUF5Ways burpee variations

  1. Burpee Starjumps
  2. Burpee Lateral Bounce
  3. Burpee Tuck Jump
  4. Burpee 2-Tap 2-Lunge
  5. Burpee Bound Retreat
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