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How body positivity can improve your overall health!

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It’s time to talk body positivity! This week we dive deep into a topic that’s really important for almost every BUF Girl in our community – real, practical strategies you can use to love your body into its healthiest state ever. We hope you enjoy this “On The Couch” interview with our resident weight psychologist, Glenn Mackintosh.

In this juicy 20-minute chat, Glenn and I talk about:

  • Why it’s NORMAL to have a negative body-image
  • Why body-shame is like being in “The Matrix”
  • How you can be a body-loving rebel!
  • Why your negative body thoughts are NOT yours
  • How you develop your own beauty standards
  • What triggers Libby’s negative body image thoughts (yes, she has them!)
  • The affect of body image on eating & exercise
  • Why we KNOW positive body image is not all about being attractive
  • How body positivity is NOT a weight loss tool
  • How we are all like dogs in the dog park!
  • Knowing the difference between “body weight” and “body image” can change your life
  • Two strategies Glenn uses to improve the body image of ALMOST EVERY client
  • How Libby changed her own social media posts after watching one of Glenn’s videos (worth paying attention to if you really want to make a positive impact!)
  • How your body positivity benefits EVERYONE
  • How body positivity is closely linked with positivity towards yourself in general

If you love this chat and feel like you need a helping hand to fully experience the benefits of becoming body positive for yourself, Glenn’s Love Your Body Healthy online program will help you say goodbye to self-criticism, learn to love the skin you’re in, and help you achieve your best health from a place of LOVE.

Use the special code “bufgirls” for 10% off, or use “bufgirlspp” for the payment plan option.

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