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Why female trainers, DJ beats and booty bands are all you need!

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Epic workouts set to fun beats, an incredible girl squad, shiny new equipment and a whole lot of good vibes…we are so excited to open the doors to our brand new BUF Girls Studio THIS WEEKEND! So here are 5 reasons why the experience will be different to anything else you’ve ever tried 🎉

If you live in Bondi, come and say hi at our Open Day on August 4th, or grab your intro offer online. If you don’t live in Bondi, you can still use this list as a guideline to help you find a group workout experience near you that ticks all the right boxes 😉

1. It’s FUN, with DJ-mixed, curated playlists & some classes completely matched to the beat!

Great tunes make for a great workout, so we’ve worked with two incredible fitness DJs to curate incredible playlists for your sessions, each of them with a different feel. Strength workout? Expect a fierce girl-power playlist. Cardio sesh? Beats-driven house mixes coming your way! Toning sets on your mat with ankle weights and booty bands? Hellloooo pop ballads. We even have two classes on the timetable – BUF G.I.R.L.S. and ABCC – that are completely set to a beat, so you’ll follow an instructor through every squat, crunch and star-jump to a completely choreographed workout experience (don’t, worry, no dancing 😉) Workouts and mixes are updated monthly, so you’ll always have a fresh mix and experience to look forward to, but also just enough time to learn and rock each current set!

2. A mix of 50-minute and super effective 30-minute sessions

We want you to level up, not burn out, so we’ve structured the studio timetable to include a range of classes that are sure to fit in with your busy schedule and make sure you’re not overdoing any one kind of training. The female body responds best to variety, so we’ve planned things meticulously to help you curate your workout experience and plan an amazing week of feel-good sessions.

3. Women training women – we know what you really need!

BUF stands for Beautiful friendships, Unstoppable bodies, Fearless minds – three things we believe help women live their best lives. And after working exclusively with women for almost a decade, guess what we’ve learned? For women to be at their happiest and get the best results possible they need connection, fun and balance, and to be able to shift the kind of exercise they’re doing at various times of the month for optimal hormonal and mood balance. That’s why we have a mix of classes, from high intensity options, to low-impact strength work, some longer classes and some shorter, and of course our uplifting to-the-beat sessions when you need a full-body toning experience and a mood boost.

4. It’s all sweat, no tears – an uplifting (not competitive) experience

We don’t believe in spamming you with other peoples’ before and after photos, because comparison truly is the thief of joy. We don’t believe in yelling and screaming at you at 6am, because that’s not conducive to having a good time and encouraging you to stay consistent. We will always welcome you with a smile and take the time to learn your name and passions, because we believe you matter deeply and we love getting to know you. We want you to feel fit and healthy, not judged. We’re here to give you an all sweat, no tears experience!

5. The studio looks and feels so different to a regular gym

Our studio was custom-designed by the highly sought after graphic artists at Neverland Studio (find them on instagram @neverlandstudio). It’s such a fresh feel, clean but colourful, welcoming space with lots of little details and affirmations scattered throughout, designed to feel inviting and warm – we are totally obsessed with it! And we hope you love it just as much 💕

Check out our sessions in more detail below, then hit up the studio timetable (bufgirls.com/studio) to grab your intro offer & book your spot!


30 min of low impact resistance training
Build your inner strength (and a few muscles too!) with this low-impact circuit designed to strengthen and shape a beautiful, feminine body. We’ll bring the girl power tunes and full-body moves, you bring the heat!


30 min of moderate to high intensity
Bring out your inner cardio queen with this half-hour sweat session designed to make you feel totally unstoppable! We’ll keep your heart rate up and bring the beats, you’ll increase your cardio fitness and lean out your bod, all while having a whole lot of fun.


30 min of high intensity intervals
Challenge yourself with this high impact, goal based workout, designed to take your fitness to the next level and help you become totally fearless!


50 min of various intensity training
This signature full-body workout combines our Beautiful strength, Unstoppable cardio and Fearless goal-based challenges into one seriously satisfying session.


50 min of low impact, varying intensity
If you love toning and tightening workouts using ankle weights, booty bands, light dumbbells and bodyweight moves, this is the workout for you! We’ll take you through 5 x toning sets, each focusing on a specific body part; Great butt, Irresistible arms, Ripped abs, Lovely back and Sexy legs.


50 min of various intensity training
This session alternates between toning and tightening sets targeting your abs, waist and booty, and upbeat cardio bursts that will push your limits. It’s all set to a beat – every crunch, hip raise and star jump – and you are going to LOVE it because really, what more could a girl want from her workout than abs, booty and a cardio fix!

See you on the studio floor✌

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