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Ditch these 5 self-limiting beliefs to reach your fitness goals

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Starting, or re-starting, a fitness program is tough for anyone, but you don’t need to make it harder for yourself than it already is with self-sabotaging thoughts.

Today we thought we’d list out 5 of the most common, self-limiting beliefs we hear, then talk through a few tips you can use to combat them and get your butt back in the game… and back at boot camp 😉

Thought #1 – “I’m not fit enough to join a group class”

Trainer insight: As gyms and group classes have become trendier, there’s an assumption you have to already be fit to walk through the door! This is definitely far from the truth – trainers see people of all fitness levels and body sizes, every single day, and our all-time favourite clients to work with are those who don’t have a high level of fitness, but are ready to create seriously big shifts in a healthier direction! It’s our job to help you get fit and feel great, all you have to do is show up.

Thought #2 – “I don’t know how to do any of the moves”

Being scared to venture away from what’s comfortable is totally natural, but it’s not really helpful. The quote, “life begins outside your comfort zone” says it all and we have got your back when you walk in that door, or sign up online! You wouldn’t expect to know how to read and write on your first day of school, but give it a few years and you’re off and racing! Fitness is the same, so have an expansion mentality about it all and just begin at the very beginning.

Thought #3 – “I don’t have any time/money to get fit”

OK, this thought is valid when it comes to getting to purchasing a spot in group classes, but not when it comes to getting fit overall! Here are a few things to think about…

  • If you watch TV, you have time – skip the couch time and go for a walk, or do reps of squats and push-ups in the ads!
  • If you could get out of bed 10 minutes earlier, you have time. Do a few stretches, then do 10 x squats, 5 x push-ups, repeated 5 times through!
  • If you can afford a $2 skipping rope, you have enough money to get fit! Ten minutes of skipping is as effective as a half-hour run, so grab a rope and spin it in your lounge room. We love using Tabata timing – 20 seconds ON and 10 seconds rest, repeated 20 times!

Thought #4 – “I hate running/weights/whatever”

Guess what? No matter how many people tell you there’s only one way to workout, they’re wrong! Your body loves movement, but you can get that movement any way you like, whether it’s cardio, weights, dancing, or boxing that floats your boat. Just keep moving! Every body is different, and every body likes lots of different kinds of movement, so the important thing is that you stay curious and remind yourself that working out is a gift not a chore – it’s a little “you time” that gets you out of your head and into your centre.

Thought #5 – “I’ll get fit when…”

This old chestnut! We’ll admit, starting a fitness program can seem intimidating. But is going for a walk around the block at lunchtime scary? Is a set of 10 squats in your lounge room hard to psych yourself up for? Start with the small things and let the momentum you build motivate you to try bigger things. One of our favourites is to load up a podcast and take a walk after work while we listen to it. Just hit up the purple podcast app on your phone, search for a topic of interest, load up and GO! If you don’t know where to start, check out this blog, where we list 12 of our fave podcasts!

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