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Don’t have time to train? Try this 10 min workout!

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There’s nothing like having a good home workout up your sleeve for those mornings when getting to the gym seems like the biggest mission ever. This 10-minute workout is called, “The Fierce 50s” and it sure lives up to its name!

The how-to is simple… simply complete all of the below, in any order, in 10 minutes or less! Can’t quite make it? Record your time and try to beat it every time, until you crack that magic 10-minute mark! Remember to warm-up appropriately before you start and if you’re not sure how to execute a particular move, never fear, just ask Dr Google 😉

Good luck! Tag us if you try it 😉

The Fierce 50s List

50x Squats
50x Tricep Dips (use a chair or bench, or do them seated on the floor)
50x Curtsey Lunge to Knee Drive (25 per leg)
50x Lateral Skaters
50x Bodyweight Plank Row
50x High Knee Runs
50x Bodyweight Prone Rows
50x Starjumps
50x 1-arm Shadow Box Punches (25 per arm)
50x Lunge Jumps

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