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How to eliminate food cravings without trying!

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So you know eating fresh, healthy food and moving your body is important, but what if despite all that know-how, you’re still tempted by deep fried or sugary treats far too often? What ELSE can you do to eliminate food cravings, get motivated for your workouts and achieve your healthiest weight without dieting? Well, this week, we have a little bit of psychology-meets-acupressure magic for you to try!

We’re back with the second of our “Couch Time” interviews with one-and-only superstar psychologist and Lib’s co-host from The Biggest Loser: Transformed, Glenn Mackintosh, otherwise known as The Weight Psych.

In this casual chat, we talk about a scientifically proven, simple and effective Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT) called, “Tapping”, which can help you transform your habits and ditch addictions effortlessly.
If you love the interview, look out for a link below this video to try Glenn’s online, game-changing EFT/Tapping program, with a little BUF discount just for you 😘

In this juicy 20-minute interview we focus on food cravings and discuss:

  • What tapping actually is!
  • How your brain’s emotion & addiction centres respond to tapping.
  • Why tapping works (both eastern wisdom & hard science views).
  • The moment Glenn realised the power of EFT!
  • How to tap (follow along and solve a problem almost EVERYONE has)
  • Why tapping requires mindfulness and focus, not distraction.
  • That tapping is NOT weirder than other things (like overeating)
  • Lib’s surprise as she goes from “yeah whatever” to “oh my!”

If you love this chat and feel like you need a helping hand to fully experience the benefits of tapping for yourself, Glenn’s Tapping for Weight Management Online Program kicks off on July 2nd and will help you apply the power of tapping to eliminate food cravings while still being able to eat your favourite foods, eat well without having to think about it, feel better overall and lose some weight without dieting. It’s a great complement to our Totally BUF program and you could even do it at the same time!

Click here for more info or to register for the program, and use the coupon code “bufgirls” for a cheeky discount.

Want to see more from The Weight Psych? Check out our blog about Why Diets Don’t Work here!

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