Want to look your best on your big day? Do these 6 things…

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Hey girls, Brit here! In case you didn’t know, I am recently engaged and in the midst of planning a destination wedding! Wow, there is lots to do! And on top of all that, I want to the best shape of my life! Phew! So I got thinking and thought, how cool would it be to be part of a #BrideTribe that sweats together, vents together, motivates each other and best of all, helps each other feel amazing for our big days! Inspired to create this thing I wanted in my life, I began brainstorming what would help me feel relaxed and radiant on my big day! Whether you’re getting ready for the biggest event of your life (like getting married) or just a big event, we all want to look our best, so here are what I think the top 6 components to becoming a truly BUF Bride are…


#1 – Nutrition

We’re sure it comes as no surprise to you that Nutrition is #1 on the list if you want a rocking bridal body. At least 70% of your results will come from your diet and you need to approach nutrition in the right way to make sure you retain your glow – no starved BUF Brides here!

If I had to give you just one knockout tip, it would be to eat simple meals created from whole foods. That means eating simple food, free from chemicals and preservatives. Think proteins, vegetables and fruit, nuts and seeds and healthy fats like avocado and olive oil.


#2 – Exercise

We are strong believers in making fitness fun and mixing up your training to keep your body guessing. Females especially need to focus on not only working the big muscle groups of the body to burn fat, but also the smaller, supporting muscles and connective tissue to ensure a lean, tight and slick body ready for those unforgiving wedding dress fabrics. Stretching plays a seriously important part in creating a long and lean physique too.

Try not to get too hung up on complicated workouts, just get your body moving every day (consistency is more important than intensity) and include a mix of resistance training using your own bodyweight, or free weights like dumbbells if you have access to them. Include some interval-based cardio work and of course, specific toning for your arms, back, abs/waist and bottom.


#3 – Glowing Hair & Skin

A few things to get you started in the glowing hair and skin stakes are eating healthy fats, drinking plenty of filtered water and ditching inflammatory foods (think fried stuff, refined sugar, packaged snacks and, erm, cigarettes and excess booze).

If you’re feeling a little more committed, drink healing bone broth to boost skin and hair quality/thickness, don’t overdo the gluten and dairy products and book in a series of facials with a skin care specialist that really knows their stuff.


#4 – Chillout Days

Stress can wreak havoc on your body and chances are your stress levels will start to peak as the big day approaches. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, cut out stimulants like caffeine, alcohol and high intensity exercise sessions and swap in herbal teas, early nights and long walks in the sunshine instead. A few dates with your yoga mat, or regular meditation sessions (even just a few minutes of focusing on your breath) will add to your sense of calm too.


#5 – You + Him (or Her!)

You’re going to have lots of things going on that will try to rob you of quality time with your partner, so we suggest taking regular time out to enjoy each other’s company before the big day. Get outdoors, adventuring and moving together without distractions whenever possible, or have “TV-free nights” where you ditch the screen time, go on a date, do something you did together when you first met and really focus on each other instead.


#6 – Enjoy The Journey

You’ve heard the saying, ‘life is about the journey, not the destination’ right? Well I believe this is similar to the many weeks and months before your Wedding day. Try not to focus only on that walk up the aisle, but the beautiful, romantic, loved-up journey you’ll take the get there. Oh and the fun you’ll have working out, baking love snacks and soaking up some serious girl power from all the other brides on your BUF Bride journey too, of course 😉


How cool would it be if these were all in one bundled up, loved up BUF BRIDE TRIBE BOOTCAMP?

Workouts to tone your arms, back and legs. Recipes to trim your waist and clear your skin. Skin tips from facial experts. A bride tribe to keep your sanity. Motivation levels are way higher in a group of girls all working towards similar goals! It’s going to be good vibe central! So here it is, our very first BRIDE TRIBE BOOTCAMP. An 8 week program which includes:

  • Your own beautiful copy of the BUF bride 8 week wedding planner
  • 1 small group personal training session (just you and 5 other brides/bridesmaids) per week designed with your goals in mind. Want more energy? Wearing a backless dress? This will run Wednesdays at 6-6.45am!
  • Our 8 week online step by step guide to looking your best on your big day designed by brides for brides! With your training covered, this is everything else you need to ensure you’re looking and feeling your very best on your big day. Recipes to trim your waist and clear your skin. All our nutrition secrets including the most common mistakes girls make with their food. Healthy, delicious recipes that your husband to be will love you (even more) for! All the essentials you need for healthy, glowing skin to match your killer bridal body.
  • An online forum just for BUF brides. Let’s build each other up, keep each other motivated, support each other during the stressful times and celebrate with each other in one of the most times of our lives!
  • This program isn’t a diet – no one is not going to be starving themselves then fainting at the aisle! I want you to feel energised, radiant and beautiful on your wedding day and as you take off on your honeymoon! We’re going to have some fun too, there is even a champagne or 2 scheduled!

    This Bride Tribe Bootcamp will take a big chunk of the stress and pressure of planning a wedding off your hands, all you need to do is follow the steps! No thinking required! It is limited to 6 girls as I want to give you the personal attention you need! The small group personal training session will run WEDNESDAYS AT 6-6.45AM with the first one starting July 26th 2017!

    Can’t make this time? Rope in 5 other girls whether it be your bridesmaids or your mum and I’ll run your very own personal Bride Tribe Bootcamp at a time convenient to you! Just email me ([email protected]) and we’ll lock in a time! It’s much more fun chasing a goal with your best girls!



    An initial payment of $184 (this covers the 8 week nutrition and bridal planner + your first small group PT)
    Then $35 a week for the next 7 weeks!

    Sign up here or if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you – [email protected]

    Can’t wait to meet our very first #BufBrideTribe

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