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BUF Girls X Bayer: The 10-Min “Health Yourself” Workout

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Today is International Self-Care Day (hellloooo fave new day of the year) and to celebrate, we’ve partnered up with Bayer to create a 10-minute, full-body workout video as part of their Health Yourself campaign.

We really wanted to create this do-anywhere session for you, because results from a nation-wide health survey carried out by Bayer revealed that young Australians are the age group most likely to state they’re frequently run down, with some of their biggest barriers to self-care being motivation, money and time.

This full body video workout will help you overcome all three of these barriers – so you can get your fitness fix no matter what pops up! In just 10 minutes, we tick off strength, cardio and HIIT training in one tight (and fun!) package, designed specifically for time-poor young Aussies.

International Self-Care Day and Bayer’s Health Yourself campaign were created to raise the profile of healthy lifestyle self-care programs (like BUF!) around the world and we are big fans, so if you want to check out Bayer’s Health Yourself campaign and learn more about self-care, click here, or hit the link below today’s video!

10 Minute Health Yourself Workout

P.S. Lib was almost 8 months pregnant when filming this workout and she takes the safe options for other baby mamas, or beginner exercisers to follow, so follow her lead if you need to!

Check out Bayer’s Health Yourself campaign🤗

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