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Take these holiday workouts with you!

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Time to say a BIG happy holidays to you all and gift you with a few simple, no-equipment workouts you can rope in the family to try with you over the break. I hope you enjoy them, but also take plenty of time for rest, cuddle up with the people you love and visit the places that make you smile (hellooo beach!).

Oh, and if you don’t recognise some of these moves, just Google them for the right technique, they’re all quite simple… and to all my new mamas, remember to take the jumps and crunches out and use your personal rehab exercises instead 😉

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Beautiful strength workout (10-15 minutes)

10 x Slow Hip Raises (even better if you can squeeze something between your thighs as you go, like a small exercise ball or foam roller)
10 x Squats
10 x Push-ups
10 x Reverse lunges per leg (that’s 24 all up!)
10 x Bodyweight prone rows
Now do 9 of each move, 8 of each, then 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 of each


Unstoppable cardio workout (10 minutes)

Complete all of the below, in any order, broken up however you like…
100 x High knees
100 x Shadow boxing reps per side (so that’s 200 punches all up, any style)
100 x Starjumps
100 x Bodyweight plank rows
100 x Butt Kicks
100 x Bicycle crunches
Lap of the block (or 500m on a treadmill, or 1km on a rower if at the gym)
Want more? Go again… and again!


Fearless HIIT workout (10 minutes)

Set your timer (we love the “Tabata App”) for: 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest, for 20 rounds. Now (after a warm up) do this in order, making sure you work as hard as you possibly can in each 20-second interval, you might even want to count and try to beat your reps…

20s Squat jumps
10s Rest
20s Mountain Climbers
10s Rest
20s Lateral Skaters
10s Rest
20s Burpees
10s Rest
20s Walking Lunges
10s Rest
Repeat 3 more times!

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