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Everything you need to know about nut butter!

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Nut butter…you asked, so we answered! Watch today’s live discussion with Libby, Cassey and Sian, as they go a little nuts discussing all their favourite tubs of nutty goodness and help you navigate what kind is right for you and just how much is too much!

Nut Butter Facts

In this video the BUF Girls cover:

  • The health benefits of various nut butters
  • Are peanuts really nuts anyway?
  • How to sort the healthy brands from the nasty ones
  • What a healthy portion of nut butter looks like
  • What a healthy portion of whole nuts looks like
  • Fun nut butter facts for those who suffer from acne, or are pregnant!

The links mentioned in this video are:

  • (for healthy activated nut butters we adore…and an exclusive 10% BUF discount!)
  • (for our vegan protein powder, which is YUM when blended with a little nut butter 😉

Thanks so much to the girls who’ve been requesting this video and we hope our answers were helpful for you Please keep the questions coming, and we’ll keep the camera rolling to answer them.

P.S. The next round of our 6-week program kicks off on June 4th and we’d love you to join our girl squad online or live in Bondi! Check it all out here

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