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Essential Summer health tips every girl needs to know!

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The most simple health tips are often the best! As Summer creeps closer, we urge you to forget the weird diets (they don’t work!) and extreme programs this silly season and enjoy your time in the sun and at the dinner table!

Here are 10 health tips for your healthiest and most energised summer ever!

  1. Think of food as information
    If you really think about it, every time you put food in your mouth, your body immediately breaks it down and does something with it. Food is simply information for your body to process and then use to build muscle, replenish cells, fuel your brain and strengthen your immunity. So, if you’re not providing your body with information (i.e. food!) it can actually use, it will just store, store, store and deal with it later. Too much of this and you’ll start to feel sluggish, so feed your body the kind of information you know it can use to help you feel amazing.
  2. Eat the rainbow!
    Colourful foods are information packed and energy-boosting so try to avoid plates that just look beige. Beige foods are usually pretty high in calories but not so high in nutrients. Yep, bread, cereals, pasta, crackers, packaged snack food, we’re looking at you!
  3. Refined sugar is kinda devilish
    We’re not saying you shouldn’t have a scoop of gelato on the beach on a hot Summer’s day, but just being mindful of how much sugar you’re putting into your body will have a huge impact on your health. The recommended maximum intake of free sugars for women is six teaspoons per day and there are 4g of sugar in one teaspoon! We recommend checking nutrition panels and ask yourself if that “light” tub of strawberry yoghurt with 24g of sugar (yep, that’s six teaspoons!) is the best option, or whether the plain option might be a better choice – feel free to add your own fresh strawberries of course! Keen on dessert after a meal out? Share it! Ordering cocktails? Choose one without fruit syrups and scoops of sugar in them!
  4. Pay attention to your habits
    One of the best ways to become conscious of the habits holding you back is to write down everything you eat and drink for a few days, then review and circle any foods or drinks that come up a lot. If the things you’ve circled are healthy, like broccoli for lunch and dinner, no problem! But a lot of the women I do this exercise with discover less healthy habits sneaking into their days. For example, if you notice you’re having two or three large lattes every day, stop and think about how much milk that is… 1L to 1.5L… every single day! Whatever your milk of choice, it’s still way too much of a good thing! Just switching to a black coffee with a dash of milk, or ordering a piccolo instead of a large can make all the difference.
  5. Eat food, not food-like products
    Sorry gals, but cereals, most packaged snack products and diet sodas are not real food. Food-like products can confuse your metabolism if eaten consistently, so for the most part try and stick to real, whole foods like vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, as well as some consciously sourced seafood and animal products.
  6. Remember that old cliché about moderation…
    It’s still the best advice out there. Even trending ‘healthy’ diet plans often lean too much towards one food group, whether it’s an overdose of protein, fats, or carbs, and that’s before we get started on plans that encourage calorie restriction. It’s much better to consistently and intuitively eat good quality food, pay attention to hunger cues and portion sizes, and enjoy eating a variety of foods you love, and those your body loves too 😉
  7. Keep moving
    Your body was made to MOVE and the more time you spend seated, the harder it is for your body to be at its healthiest and for YOU to feel happy! Look for opportunities to move your body everywhere… walk to your local café or shopping centre instead of driving, stretch in front of the TV, use a stand-up desk sometimes, go for a quick loop of the block at lunch time, or right after dinner instead of heading straight for the couch.
  8. Be confident
    People often feel awkward saying ‘no’ to family or friends when offered an extra slice of cake, a second glass of wine, etc that they don’t really want. Stand up for your health by stopping when YOU want to. It’s not about depriving yourself, it’s about standing up for yourself. And remember, it’s fine to say no altogether too and grab a sparkling water or cup of tea instead.
  9. Be prepared
    Always have emergency snacks stashed in your bag when you go out or get social – if you get hungry, having a healthy stash will help you avoid getting desperate and eating energy-draining junk food! Our go-to snack brand is Chief Bar (the cashew shortbread flavour is EPIC!) or just throw a portion of nuts or an apple in your bag
  10. Sip, don’t gulp
    We’re talking alcohol here! Drink to really enjoy the flavour and the moment, not to quench your thirst or get tipsy fast! A glass or two of wine sipped slowly with sparkling water in between will be just as much fun as 5 gulped down AND you’ll sleep better too 😉

Have a great summer girls! Tag us on Insta @bufgirls to let us know what you’ve been up to ☀️💖

P.S For all our Bondi based ladies, we’ve launched our full outdoor timetable right in time for Summer so you can choose whether you sweat it out on the sand at sunrise or in the studio!

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