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The race to summer is on! Who will win?

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In celebration of the BUF Girls 7th birthday this month, we’re celebrating all the business babes out there who are creating incredible communities.

For today’s workout, we’ve teamed up with our fellow Bondi girls at Nimble Activewear to bring you a fun, partnered Spring sweat session that will make you feel beautiful, unstoppable, fearless and of course, totally nimble 😉

Grab your best girl and give this a go, to get fit for an incredible Spring/Summer season!

What You’ll Do

Spend 60 seconds on each of these 4 sets, with as little rest as possible between each of them. At the end of the list, take 30-60 seconds rest and then repeat from the top, completing 4 rounds in total for a 20-minute, full body workout. Make sure you check out our video first to nail your technique!

Beautiful – Buddy-Up Leg Lowers

Swap positions at the 30-second mark!
This move is all about strength and connection. Lie flat on a mat and hold on to your partner’s ankles as she stands behind you. Next, lift your legs and brace your core as your friend gently pushes your legs away, towards the ground. Use your abs to stop your feet just before they touch the ground, and return them back up to meet your partner’s hands. Continue for 30 seconds, then switch.

Unstoppable – Happy Heart High Knees

Do this exercise for 60 seconds in total, switching partners every 20 reps
This move is all about a cardio boost that will raise your heart rate and flood your body with feel-good endorphins to make you feel unstoppable! Simply take turns completing 20 x high knee runs on the spot each. Lift your knees high to meet your gal-pal’s hands, which she’ll hold at hip height to keep you accountable.

Fearless – Alternating Burpees with Booty Taps

Do this exercise for 60 seconds in total, switching partners every rep
This move is all about taking on a new challenge and chasing a goal, with your fave girl by your side. All you need to do is complete one burpee each, with a cheeky booty tap every time you stand back up to signal to your partner that it’s her turn to hit the floor! Start this move standing tall, then squat down to place your hands on the ground, immediately jumping both feet back into a plank position (remember to activate that core as you do this!), before jumping your feet in again and standing up for that booty tap. Your challenge is to do as many burpees as you can in 60 seconds (we challenge you to get beyond 20 together!)

Be Nimble – Knee Tag

Do this exercise for 60 seconds in total – and make sure you keep score!
This exercise is designed to test your agility and overall nimbleness 😉 Start standing opposite your partner, then play a game of knee tag and see who can land the most tags on their opponent’s knees! Count up your scores and try and beat each other – just make sure you watch out for each others’ heads as the competition heats up!

Now take a minute’s rest and repeat every station a further 3 times each for a killer 20-minute, full-body workout that will get your prepped for an incredible Spring/Summer!

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