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Why do you workout? These girls’ answers will blow your mind!

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With the next round of our 6-week program kicking off on March 12th (join us online OR in-person in Bondi by clicking here), we thought we’d ask a few of our girls WHY they train. We were surprised, delighted and pretty emotional when we got their answers back, they were so deep and personal, not one of them had anything to do with how their body looked, or how lean they wanted to get. That was just a nice side effect! Check out a few of the girls’ moving responses below – we’ve kept them anonymous so we could keep them raw.


“Why do you workout, or what motivated you to sign up for this program?”


“So many reasons, but the biggest is for my cousin, who was in a horrific motorbike accident on Bondi road recently. He almost lost his leg and has a very long road to recovery. He is currently recovering in a hospital bed, and is a keen ‘mover/fitness goer’ himself. What he’d give to head out for a quick run right now! So, I’m doing this for my cousin – because I’m grateful that I have a body that can get moving and legs that work! Remind me of that when I’m moaning ;)”

“I signed up for a number of reasons, but my top 3 would have to be fitness, health and confidence. Fitness because I’ve never been into exercise, I don’t like gyms and have never felt like I truly fitted in. I tended to feel silly not knowing what I was doing. I had a personal trainer to build my confidence but with it mainly being heavy weights and only one-on-one sessions, I didn’t gain the confidence I hoped for. I realised I needed to be in a group! Health – I love my food and wanted to learn about nutrition and avoid the afternoon slumps and lack of energy. Confidence – I’m 35 and know how important it is to learn to love exercise moving into the next stage of my life, I want to feel as healthy and vibrant as possible for as long as possible!”

“I’m certainly not getting any younger (36 this year) and I’d like to be pregnant with baby number 2 later this year. I’d really love to get my body ready for that whole process because it is tough and you need to be strong and fit!”

“I’m here to make fitness and nutrition a priority again. I’ve let life take over the last few years and have not made exercise or healthy eating a priority, which has caused weight gain and just feeling a bit blah about myself. Looking forward to feeling fit and fabulous, loving and respecting myself again.”

“2017 was a massive year for me with huge life changes. For the past few months I’ve felt like I’m putting everything back together and I’m keen to get back into a routine. I’m excited to feel better, and to shift the focus to my health and looking after myself, rather than my latest default of going out drinking way too much. Oops!”

“I recently had my biological age checked as part of a challenge we are doing at work. I was shocked to learn that my cardio fitness wasn’t even nearly where it should be for someone in their late 20s and that my BMI and waist measurements were too high. This led to my bio-age being older than I am which was disappointing, especially as I felt I was already living a fairly healthy lifestyle – training 3 times a week and eating what I thought was a balanced diet. I need to learn some new skills and get into a good, healthy routine!”

“I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition last year and exercise and good nutrition have become so important to managing my symptoms and allowing me to get going each morning. I’ve indulged in a bit too much wine and chocolate over the last month (or two!) and my body is definitely suffering and crying out for some TLC again. I want to use these 6 weeks to kick start me back into those healthy habits again, get back on track and get my strength back. And if I could tone up a few jiggly bits before my sister’s wedding in June that wouldn’t be too bad either!”

“My three whys…
1. New country… I’ve only been here for 5 months and thought it would be a great way to meet people.
2. New job… I’m a teacher and usually give up the exercise when back in the classroom so want to make sure I get a better balance this time around.
3. New focus and routine… I often exercise without giving it my absolute all and want to push myself and see what I can achieve.”

Keen to chase your own WHY? The next round of our Totally BUF program kicks off on March 12th – join us from anywhere in the world by clicking HERE and following the links.
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