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Celebrate our 8th birthday with this 8 track workout playlist!

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This Thursday, Sept 13th, is BUF’s 8th birthday (strangely enough, that’s also the day my first baby is due to arrive into the world😍) so we’re celebrating with our very-own workout playlist that’s a little timeline reminder of our time with YOU!

Thanks to you, our supportive community of fierce femmes. We’re growing and reaching more women by the year, helping to change the way gals think and feel about their health and fitness, and how important it is to the rest of their lives.

The BUF Girls movement is not just about getting you fit, but about helping women live their best life by creating Beautiful connections with a positive community that inspires them, an Unstoppable body through the right kind of movement and nutrition, and a Fearless mindset by learning new things and embracing new challenges.

Inspired by the way we’ve worked through our own life challenges, the B, U and F stand for the things we believe make life just that little bit happier every day 😉

Read on for our year-by-year workout playlist, one song for every amazing year of getting BUF with you all… then click here for a direct link to the full playlist to fuel your next workout!

The BUF Girls’ 8th Birthday Workout Playlist

Year One – Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child
Back in 2010, when I first rocked up on Bondi Beach with a pair of dumbbells and a kettlebell, we welcomed our first few keen clients who’d signed up for a free trial! Bootylicious was our warm-up track for that first week!

Year Two – Can’t Stop Playing by DR.KUCHO!
This is the year we discovered our love for a good themed workout… instead of rocking up for a ‘circuit’ or ‘strength/cardio’ workout, we started to theme to the extreme… think Beyonce Booty Workouts, Space Explorer Strength Sets, Around The World Cardio Hop, Obstacle Course Madness, Toned Like Madonna, Broadway Babes, Cocktail Hour… if we could dream it, we’d wanna workout to it!

Year Three – Just Dance by Lady Gaga
In our third year, we hired a bunch of halls around Sydney and launched BUF Dance! Hey, it didn’t last more than a year, but we had SO much fun while it lasted and who knows, maybe we’ll bring some dance classes back!

Year Four – Around The World by Daft Punk
In year four we wrote and launched our first online program, which was our first chance to interact with BUF girls around the world. We met so many wonderful women along the way, who are still part of our community today.

Year Five – Love Story by Layo & Bushwacka
By year five the BUF family had grown to over 5 locations around Australia thanks to passionate trainers sharing the BUF love.

Year Six – Something New by Girls Aloud
In year six we partnered with the HIT Network to bring a seriously cool workout experience to Australia! We created our live DJ party workouts and were blown away when 500 of you showed up to our first show!

Year Seven – All Fired Up by The Saturdays
Last year was BIG… I had the opportunity to bring our signature fun fitness vibes to a bigger audience with a trainer role on The Biggest Loser: Transformed, we completely revamped our online program and published it as a book, chock-full of 100+ recipes! We also created our own delish protein powder and took our party workouts around Australia on our first national tour!

Year Eight – Run The World by Beyonce
Who run the world? Girls! This year has been the most incredible experience as we decided to bite the bullet and finally open our very first BUF Girls Studio in Bondi! So far, this has brought the community together more than ever and we’re LOVING having a space that makes you feel amazing and connected 🤗

We hoped you loved the workout playlist… thank you so much to all of you who’ve been part of our journey so far! We feel so honoured to have you all in our girl gang! The more women we meet, the more we know how important this work is – connecting and celebrating you all, helping you fall in love with fitness and feel stronger and happier in life.

If you’re in Sydney, we also have some really cool events coming up to celebrate our birthday in style, at our studio and also in collaboration with Clean Treats Factory. We’d love to see you there, or at our studio or beach sessions really soon!


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